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Pretzel Rolls


SO I am totally obsessed with Pinterest (are you on Pinterest? I got my daughter obsessed- she's into the hair and nail stuff) and pin a lot of recipes to try.  Finally this weekend I tried one and it was sooooooooooo good!!!!!!!   I made Pretzel Rolls!! 

Pretzel Rolls have all the best qualities of a pretzel, the beautiful brown, salty outside and the tender inside.  They are unbelievably good for sandwiches (we had a ham so there was lots left for sandwiches and pretzel rolls are the perfect compliment to the ham).  They are also easy to make.  I really like dropping them in the water for a minute- look at all the steam in this picture J  Thant steam makes them pretzely.

They are definitely a keeper (my daughter's already after me to make them again), I think they were better than the ones I purchased a few months ago.  Here's the link to the recipe from The Dutch Baker's Daughter.

Have you found anything amazing on Pinterest?

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