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Journey to Homemade Bread - Week 1


I did it!! I did it!!!!  I did it!!!!  I made homemade bread!!!  Without a bread machine!!!!  And it tasted good!!!!!  And there was no cursing!!!!  Just lots of flour and cornmeal everywhere!!  And my family inhaled it and is begging for moreJ  Goal for the year well on the way.

My goal was to learn to make bread so I bought The Bread Baker’sApprentice by Peter Reinhart.  Read it and don’t panic (there is a lot of text to get through before the recipes) because it will all work out.  I made the recipe for Pain a l’Ancienne .  I ended up making 3 baguettes and used the rest for pizza dough (2 pizzas and froze crust for 2 pizzas).  The process was unbelievably easy, I used my Kitchen Aide mixer for mixing and kneading and it was so easy!!!  You mix the dough and put it in the fridge and then wait (this was probably the hardest part because I am VERY impatient and wanted the bread) until the next day. 

A few hours rising, some shaping and time for baking. 

The whole spray the side of the oven thing was a little strange and disconcerting but it made AMAZING bread!!!  The bread was the perfect mix of soft middle and crunchy crust.  It tasted better than what I buy at the bakery.  I definitely will continue to make bread because the results were worth it.  Hope you have a Sweet Morning and an amazing day!

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