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Operation Fill the Cookie Tray Day 3


Day 3 of Operation Fill the Cookie Tray.  Today’s cookie again combines chocolate and peanut butter (I have a lot of these recipes).  These cookies produce raves!!!  My daughter made these for the teachers that wrote her recommendations for college (is it any wonder there is teen angst in my house: between a heavy senior course load, a senior project that must be completed & passed in order to graduate (presentation date is next Monday), applying for colleges(finished), waiting to hear about college acceptances (2 acceptances and counting), worrying about making transition to college, and oh yeah there is this boy) and they couldn’t stop thanking her (maybe she should have given them to the teachers before they wrote the recommendations) and praising the cookies. 
But back to the cookies, they are wonderful!!  Just the right combination of peanut butter and chocolate chips and easy to make.  The recipe is from one of the very first cooking blogs I started following, 52 Kitchen Adventures.  Seriously every time I read her blog I find something else to make, give it a look.

Cookie tray is slowly looking better.

Go visit 52 Baking Adventures and make a batch of these amazing cookies!

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