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Lemon Cookies


These are the cookies that do not want to be on the cookie tray.  They were supposed to be made yesterday but drama and angst got in the way.  Then they were going to be made this morning and all went well.  The dough came together, my daughter helped scoop, they came out of the oven perfect.  All was good.  The sample bite yielded the perfect lemon flavor. 

Cookies were cooling on the racks on the kitchen table when tragedy struck!!!! My daughter’s silly little dog decided they smelled good & climbed onto the kitchen table and helped herself!!!!!!!!  Batch of cookies covered in doggy drool!!!!!
The Naughty Dog

Luckily I had already put a few on a plate for pictures.  The cookies are Chewy Lemon cookies.  The recipe can be found on the blog How Sweet It Is.  I love these cookies which is surprising since there is no chocolate in sight.  They are a light, refreshing change to chocolate (I can’t believe I said that but occasionally something other than chocolate is yummy).

Look the cookie tray is filling up nicely.

Find the Recipe here.

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