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Family Food Traditions: Waffles


Happy Holiday week!!!!!  We have been busy celebrating the holidays & visiting family so I haven’t been doing much cooking.  We have been talking about favorite family recipes and meals.  The things that are our go to recipes or the ones that make us feel comforted.  One of the favorite breakfasts in our house is waffles.  The girls love them!!!!  But they are choosey and ONLY like them made one way; the waffles must be made with New Hope Mills Buttermilk PancakeMix. 

New Hope, NY is a tiny town near where my husband grew up.  I was first introduced to this mix when we were dating and actually, for the first time ever LIKED waffles!!!!  This is the mix that has ALWAYS been used since.  The girls don’t like waffles made with anything else.  We used to occasionally visit the mill when we were visiting his family.  Set in a teeny, tiny town it was a picturesque site with the old mill wheel in the water.  Interestingly we live in a neighborhood (in a far off state) named Ole Mill Stream.   There is even a river at the back of my yard so maybe someday.......

The waffles are light and fluffy and taste delicious!!!!!  Quick and easy to mix up the only ingredients you need to add are water, eggs, and vegetable oil.  Of course I add chocolate chips to mineJ  These waffles definitely make a sweet morning.

Are there any family breakfasts that make your mornings sweet?

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