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Chocolate Candy Cane Kiss Cookies


When I saw the post for these cookies on How Sweet It Is I knew these cookies were going to be on my cookie tray this year.  Chocolate and candy cane, yum!!!  My daughter loves all the random Hershey Kisses flavors, but we usually wait until they are on clearance to try the new flavors.  One year we bought 4 bags of Cherry Cordial Kisses for less than the price of one, the first 2 bags were yummy but then they lost their appeal.  I discovered an unopened bag at the end of summer.  These cookies are just the right mix of chocolate and candy cane.  We put the Kisses on after the total baking time so they didn’t melt and add a festive look to the cookie. 

These are a perfect cookie to make when the kids are home because they can unwrap the Kisses.  Then place them in the cookie.

Cookie tray is almost full!!!!

Check out the recipe for Chocolate Candy Cane Kiss Cookies on How Sweet It Is (she calls them Peppermint Double Chocolate Cookies).  No matter what you call them they are delicious!!!!!!!

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