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Sweet Monday

Sweet Monday Morning! I'm sorry but that just sounds wrong.  The two just don't seem to fit together.  O.k. let's see if I can try to make them fit.  I suppose it is sweet that most of my broken devices are back working after a weekend of work by my sweet husband-I can dry clothes and use my windshield wipers in my car so that is a sweet thought.  I have a kitchen full of sweet breakfast treats so I was able to be lazy this morning which was sweet-I enjoyed a chocolate chip pancake with strawberries.  Oh and there is a flock of bluebirds that loves to play in our yard.  There are about 6 of them that race each other around it,  it looks like they are playing tag.  After a rousing game they settle on our fence or perch on top of our umbrella.  A few of them are so breathtakingly blue that they don't seem real.  That is my sweet Monday morning thought, bluebirds resting in glorious color around my yard. Hope your Monday is sweet. 


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