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Sweet Friday Morning

Sweet Friday Morning! It is the Friday of a holiday weekend and the last ‘real’ day of school for the year so a quick & easy sweet treat was needed for breakfast.  I relied on my old stand-by “chocolate croissants”, crescent rolls filled with chocolate chips.  This is one of the easiest possible recipes and it is loved and devoured.  All you need is a roll of refrigerated ‘crescent rolls’ and some chocolate chips.  As you make the crescent rolls add chocolate chips before rolling them up.  The amount is up to you and will determine how chocolatey the breakfast will be.  Roll the crescents up and bake as directed.  The result is a flaky, chocolatey breakfast treat with minimal effort so everyone is happy.
It occurred to me as I was getting ready for the day that it is the start of summer, next week daughter 2 will be home with me and daughter 1 is already home from college and off at the beach.  Summer is the very best time of year.  No early morning rushes, no school, no freezing temperatures(we see less of those since we moved to North Carolina at any time of year), no sweaters or coats, lots of blue skies, a profusion of flowers bursting into color, symphonies of bird songs, and best of all long lazy days spent with my girls.  With my girls rushing towards adulthood the thought of spending lazy days together while blocking out the rest of the world is the sweetest thought of all!

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