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Holiday Mornings

Holiday weekend got away from me.  I tried a new recipe for chocolate chip scones- was pretty good but I want to try a couple more tweaks before I share it.  Daughter number 2 said it was a bit dry and needed more chocolate chips (she got wrong piece-mine had lots of chocolate chips) so I will work on it a bit more.  Found another use for the leftovers-added some chocolate syrup, sliced strawberries and whipped cream and it was an excellent substitute for strawberry shortcake.

With the fresh strawberries we had our traditional Sunday breakfast-pancakes (chocolate chip pancakes actually) with strawberries.  I think it is one of our favorite breakfasts.  When the girls were little we used to really make it a treat by letting them add whipped cream and sometimes ice cream.

 The days are getting longer and it is HOT in North Carolina.  Really feels like summer is here.  Looking forward to not rushing around and really being able to try sweet new recipes.  The problem is going to be finding time for a walk before the day is sweltering so all the experimenting doesn't land permanently on my hips or stomach...

Hope your morning is filled with sweetness!!


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